The Address Hotel

This is a hotel we often stay at every time we are in The U.A.E. It is in the center of the most vibrant area in Dubai. For those not familiar with it; it is in the biggest mall in the U.A.E, The Dubai Mall. So you have access to everything! 

Just a few blocks from burj Khalifa and the music fountains, this place has it all.Last time we were there, we booked a residential suite 1 bedroom with a kitchen which is fully equipped, and the attentiveness of the staff and their service is excellent.

If you are in need of relaxing and not in the mood to shop, you can always have a lazy day at the infinity pool and have a poolside lunch;Their menu is very rich.

Finally,If you do decide to stay there , make sure you always book in advance because they are constantly overbooked.

Highly recommended.

Visited 2014




Nobu (update)

We went again to Nobu in the Atlantis Hotel a few years later. Ofcourse the menu was beautifully updated. This is a great place to have great sushi, fun and great service.

Visited 2014




“Very Nice Food”

We booked for 4 people. Once we got there, the hostess was welcoming and our table was immediately ready for us. While the waitress was leading us to our table, she said something (most probably “welcome”) in an asian language, and all the other staff said it back loudly. That was done to every customer that was being lead to their table. I thought that was pretty entertaining; a nice touch.

The service was good, fast, and the staff were friendly.

The food was really good, entertaining with different flavours. What I liked about it is that the whole table got to share many different dishes, making the dinner more entertaining and friendly, since we were all commenting on the same dishes all the time. The food was definitely something to go for again.

The prices were not cheap but then again, we had a lot of dishes, and most of them double servings of the pricey ingredients (Wagyu, Chu-Toro Tuna, fresh Crab etc…)

I actually had a better time on all levels (service, food) in Nobu Dubai than in Nobu Las Vegas.

A memorable experience that I will definitely repeat.

Visited March 2013

IMG_2219 IMG_2221 IMG_2222 IMG_2223 IMG_2224 IMG_2225 IMG_2226 IMG_2227 IMG_2228     IMG_2233   IMG_2236 IMG_2237

Atmosphere (burj khalifa)

“Good View, Good Service but the food…”

We booked through email and we were contacted back requesting credit card details, which quite weird, since I have dined in many other fine establishments and even much better ones and no one asked for my card details upon booking. Also, there is a minimum spending limit? Common, how rude is that? Anyway, we still decided to go since my wife wanted to dine at the “highest restaurant in the world”.
Once we arrived, the reception was very good, the receptionist led us to our table. The waiter was prompt, gave us the menus. Once we decided what to order, the waiter came over and unfortunately, my first starter choice was not available as was my main’s first choice. Common, this is supposed to be a world class restaurant, putting conditions for accepting your reservations (minimum spending and leaving your credit card under their mercy) at least fulfil your commitment on the menu to your customers. I asked for an explanation and the waiter said that they are close to changing their menu, so they stopped ordering these 2 specific ingredients that went into my first choice starter and main course (the Wagyu beed and the tuna). This was really disappointing from this class of restaurants.
Anyway, we had our second choices. The starters were quite nice, as for the mains, we both ordered the second choice steaks They had and the meat was kind of hard and chewy. Really disappointing.

There was one thing that was really annoying and it was while i was ordering the wine, i had a question about one of the bottles, to which the waiter said that he needed to ask the sommelier. He went to the sommelier, who was standing one the side, doing nothing, mind you, and the sommelier never even thought about walking over to our table to assist us. Its not like he was busy with another table, he was just standing there. Thats really disappointing and rude.

Anyway, I do not recommend this restaurant if it stays on this level. Something needs to be done here. There is a lot of potential but no one seems to be acting on it.

I remember when I first tried to book here in 2011, the wait was 2 months. This time around I got a booking only 2 days in advance and when we got there, the restaurant was not full. This shows that a lot of people tried the restaurant but were disappointed and didn’t want to come back.

Visited April 2013

photo photto sphoto

Al Mahara

IMG_3739 IMG_3741 IMG_3742 IMG_3745




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