Il Pagglaccio

“Great food, great service!”

I went there on a special occasion. I knew what to expect from a 2 star michelin restaurant. Once i got there, I got a bit of a different experience. The service was not your typical “cold but professional” michelin star service but it was rather friendly and warm but still very professional.
We took the 10 course tasting menu. It was a good choice to sample the chef’s creations. The food was great, 3 or 4 of the plates were spectacular adn the rest were good but not too stunning.
The bottle of wine was recommended by the waiter/sommelier and it was excellent. I am glad that he gave me 2 choices, a fairly expensive one a and a reasonably priced one. I would have been furious if he went for the kill and put me in a corner by choosing 2 expensive ones as a lot of the michelin starred places try to do, so that went well.

At the end of the meal the bill came and it was really not that expensive for a 2 starred restaurant. Very reasonable prices. I don’t know what people expect from michelin starred restaurants when they complain it is expensive. But compared to the restaurants i have been to in Italy, the touristic ones are the real rip offs. You get crap food, crap service, for 35% of the bill i paid in this restaurant with great food, great wine, great service and a lot more food!

I really like this restaurant and would make sure to come back next time i am in Rome.

Visited May 2011


Al Duello

“Very good Italian food for a good price”

The food was fresh, interesting and delicious. A big change from all surrounding tourist machines. The service was good. The setting is pretty normal, lacking the typical outside tables.

Visited May 2011


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